Child psychotherapy in istanbul

Why psychotherapy is important for your child?

By getting psychological support; It is very important to support healthy development of children in order to recognize the emotional, behavioral and developmental problems that may arise in children and to solve them early.

At the same time, problems and solutions related to parenting attitudes are studied with parents in our sessions. Adolescence also is the period in which the person rapidly changes physically, emotionally and socially. Being aware of the healthy emotional and behavioral changes that expected to occur in these periods is really crucial. With our english speaking child psychologist team we recognize the problems that may arise and to act for solution.

The counseling and therapy process aims to enable children to recognize and express their feelings and thoughts, to determine the factors that trigger the problems they experience, and to give children the ability to cope with the difficulties they experience.

What are the areas that children & adolescents get help?

School Fear

School Preparation & Adaptation Process

Peer Problems

Academic Failure

Academic Difficulty

Attention and Concentration Disorders

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity

Learning Difficulty

Exam and Performance Anxiety

Career Development

Anger Sorun

Violence and Aggression

Addiction (internet, game etc.)

Enuresis (Bed wetting)

Sleeping and Eating Problems

Toilet training


Hair, Eyebrow and Nail Plucking / Eating

Finger Sucking


Low self esteem


Phobias (fear of the dark, fear of death, etc.)

Social Phobia

Death and Mourning in the Family

Divorce, Separation from Family


Sibling Relations / Jealousy

The Adoption Process

Problems in Family Relationships

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